At Eternal Flame we have a passion for teaching, we are an accredited training facility with state of the art equipment and modern training techniques. Become part of the Eternal Flame family by joining us for one of our courses or seminars. We strongly believe in lifelong learning. It is never too late to make a change or sharpen up your knowledge. Knowledge is power.

"You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”
–Zig Ziglar

Seminars & workshops

Eternal Flame offer a wide variety of seminars on a regular basis. We do anything from pet obedience to working dogs. We also tailor make seminar for you. If there is anything specific you would like us to do contact us and we can set it up.

Any upcoming seminars will be posted here and also on our Facebook page.

Working Dog Seminars & Workshops

Recent feedback from our seminars

"Thank you for the awesome day yesterday."

"Thank you

It was a lot of fun. Great knowledge and great motivation"

"It really was great, really enjoyed it and found it super that I actually have some insight into training, the work begins "

"Thank you very much guys it was awesome we’ve learned a lot can’t wait to start training. "

"Thank you very much. We learned a lot. Good luck to everyone else. Hope to see you on the PSA field."

"A huge thank you again. A great seminar, I wish I could turn back the clock and start training with my dogs as pups again, with all this new knowledge"

"Baie baie dankie vir als die naweek! Julle seminar was brilliant!!!! "

“Baie dankie Charles, dit is darem maar n lekker gevoel as dit goed gaan en die dinge reg loop. Weereens dankie vir al julle expert hulp en geduld ten alle tye, waardeer dit opreg”

“Thank you for an amazing day Charles & Marile!!! It was great and I really learned a lot that I can apply and better ourselves for working!!”

“I finally cleared my doubts on certain things and maybe changed my views on others. So I would say it was great.”

Thank you so much for making time in your day off and share valuable and useful info. I feel my money and money of my clients well spent. Love it.”


  • Basic Trainer Course

Want to become a trainer? This course will set you off in the right direction. We will be covering topics like learning theory, obedience, facilitation skills, behaviour and behaviour problems and many more. It is a full time 2 week course at our facility. You will get hands on experience working with different dogs and facilitating classes. Under the guidance of our instructors 24/7. This course is ideal for your pet trainer and gives an excellent foundation for individuals that is starting off with training, whether that is for pet or working dogs.

  • Trainer Course: Protection

Want to know how to teach protection skills the correct way? This course will give you a plan on how to build a protection dog up from puppy to advanced exercises, protection dog selection and theory behind protection skills. The course is also for aspiring decoys or helper. It is a full time 2 week course at our facility. You will get hands on experience with a diverse amount of dogs at different levels. Our facilitator will guide through the proses while you get the experience of working dog after dog. You will also have the opportunity to join our training sessions where we teach advanced protection exercises for sport and protection purposes. Get introduced to the world of being a decoy!

  • Trainer course: Scent

Do you want to be able to use your dog’s most important sense to its fullest? Join us for this in-depth course about anything to do with scent work in dogs. This course covers detection of substances, tracking, scent discrimination and trailing. It is a full time 2 week course at our facility. You will acquire the knowledge on how to teach these different scent exercises to dogs and also have the opportunity to get loads of practise on our dogs. After this course you will be able to teach dogs from tracking to detection with confidence.

      Working dogs accredited courses and training


      Eternal Flame K9 offers internships to a select number of students every year.

      These student have the opportunity to work and learn at the same time at our facilities. Internships are usually ran in time frames of 6 months-1 year. Student live on the premises. We only offer these internships to selected candidates who go through an interviewing process. We looking for hard working people with passion for dogs and a drive to learn. These candidates do not necessarily have to have any knowledge about working dogs. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. Get your name on the list today. If you are interested in our intern program, please contact us for more information.