About Eternal Flame K9

working dogs of exceptional quality

Eternal Flame K9 Protection is a company that supplies working dogs of exceptional quality. Eternal Flame is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. We personally do all the development and training of our dogs. All Eternal Flameā€™s dogs are bred from reputable working bloodlines from various parts of the world. We take pride in the fact that we breed, develop and train the perfect dog for his or her intended job.

Dog training & Working dogs for sale

By breeding the right conformation, temperament and drive we make sure that our dogs will be able to do the jobs intended for them. We take great care in raising and training all our dogs. We use modern humane training techniques. Eternal Flame keep up with all the latest trends of training. We focus on developing and training the perfect dog that wants to work and loves his job. By keeping up with training methods and importing world class dogs, Eternal Flame can supply international quality dogs.


We specialize in personal protection dogs and providing a complete service to the new owners. Our personal protection dogs are raised and trained with great care to serve and protect their new families.


We provide a wide range of working dogs for sale, detection, tracking, protection, green dogs, anti- poaching and even sports dogs. Eternal Flame can help you from the most basic to very specialized training.


Our passion for dogs and training drives us to provide you with the best possible companion. We offer dog training including obedience training and protection training

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