Dogs for sale

We have a wide variety of green dogs for sale at any given time, different ages and developed for different purposes, please contact us to find out what we have available at this moment.

We also have some German shepherds that are busy with their training as Personal protection dogs, contact us to find out what we have that will suit you and your family.

From time to time we also have some puppies or young dogs for those who want to train their own dogs.

Our dogs are bred from reputable working bloodlines. We take pride in the fact that we breed, develop and train the perfect dog for his or her intended job.

View some of our dogs currently available for purchase:

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Professionaly trained working dogs for sale Johannesburg, South Africa:
Detection dogs, personal protection dogs, patrol dogs and tracking dogs.
We also do dog training including obedience training and protection training.
Find out more about what we offer.