Mika- German Shepherd Female

Mika is a young German Shepherd female under a year old. She is a very curious dog, that loves to investigate. She does very well in protection training and would be a very nice addition … Read More

Stevie- German Shepherd female

Stevie is a young German Shepherd female under a year old. She is a very sweet, energetic girl that loves to play and work. She is a great prospect for a family protection dog. She … Read More

Erebus- Malinois male

Erebus is a 1,5 year old malinois male. He has got lovely dark markings with his red coat, a real looker. Erebus has a lovely nature and would make a very nice companion to a … Read More

Evan- Malinois male for sale

Evan is a young malinois male. Evan loves his ball and searching for his toys. Evan would be a good prospect for search work, either tracking or detection. He has loads of energy and keeping … Read More

Eragon- Malinois male for sale

Eragon is a young malinois male, bred from our dog Devil. He is really a beautiful dog, taking after his father. Eragon is a lively dog that loves affection. He would do well in tracking … Read More

Dima- Dutch shepherd female

Dima is a young Dutch shepherd female. She is a very sweet and loving girl that would do well in a family. This girl will be your shadow where ever you go. She loves affection … Read More

Buck- Springer Spaniel male for sale

Buck is a 1 year old Springer spaniel male. He is a lively dog that loves his toy. Buck is being developed for scent work. From a young age Buck has been conditioned to play … Read More

Celeste-Dutch shepherd female

Celeste is a 2 year old dutch shepherd female. She is only available to a family environment. She loves her family and loves to play with them. Celeste does have protection skills and would do … Read More

Ammo- German Shepherd male

Ammo is a 2 year old German Shepherd male from our imported breeding pair. He is a big boy with a heart of gold. He has really turned out to be a beautiful dog. He … Read More

Achilles- German Shepherd male

Achilles is a 2 year old German shepherd male, bred from our imported stock. He has a lovely nature and loves to please. With Achilles by your side you will never be alone, he follows … Read More