Malinois Femail Patrol Dogs Protection Dogs

Malinois Female Gucci is imported from Holland. A fantastic well-bred female with balanced drive and good nerves. With a father called Devil (BRN 25594) and Grandfather Kuno (BRN 18465), how could she not be amazing? … Read More


Dutch Shepherd Female Afrika is a large female Dutch shepherd with well balanced nature. Afrika is also the 2017 ¬†PSA1 winner. She got a PDC and PSA1 in the same trail and we proud to … Read More


Dutch Shepherd Female Nyx is imported from Holland (BRN 23613) Nyx is the mother of Alpha and Afrika, She is a really serious working dogs with solid drives. She excels in the bite work and … Read More


Malinois Female Jupiter is a fantastic duel dog. She is balanced in nature but with extremely high prey and defense drive. She excels in tracking and detection but also loves bite work. Jupiter is FCI … Read More


German Shepherd Female Uma is imported from Slovakia from a well known GSD working dog breeder. She is FCI registered and boasts with quite a few IPO champions in her bloodlines. Uma is a lovely … Read More