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GetAGrip PSA Club

GetaGrip PSA Club

At Eternal Flame we have an active PSA club (Protection Sports Association). PSA is a dog sports consisting of Obedience and Protection. We have weekly practice times on different days and time. If you would like to challenge yourself and your dog in this competitive sport, please come and join our PSA family.

Personal protection dogs for sale

Personal Protection Dogs

Eternal Flame specializes in Personal Protection dogs. We would like to provide you and your family with the perfect companion and protector.

Personal protection dogs (PPD) are dogs that are trained to protect his/her owner or family. They are trained in obedience and protection (bite work). These dogs can accompany you where ever you go, to protect you. They have house manners and can comfortably drive in the front of a vehicle. They are trained in a variety of scenarios from protecting you in your car, house to walking in the street or on your farm. They also make very good companions and fill a void in your life that you didn’t know you had. These dogs make you feel save and powerful. Only certain breeds are used for this job, mainly German Shepherds.

Most of our Personal Protection dogs are raised in our home from puppies. These puppies are selected for strong personality and balanced nerves. The puppies are selected from very good genetics and their drives are developed around protection. Great care is taken to raise and socialise these selected puppies to a high pressure threshold.

Our Personal Protection dogs need to work under great pressure and need to be able to fight independently. Therefore we develop the defence drive from a young age. Our dogs are trained to work on and of leash with very good obedience.

For us it is very important for the dog to know that kids are part of his or her life and that they need to respect the kids of the family too. Our dogs are trained to protect and will give their lives for their owner. They are very devoted to their families.

At delivery or collection we spend time to train the new owner/s how to work with their new K9 protector. When you purchase a PPD from us we come as part of the purchase. We will spend us much time as you need, for us to ensure that you and your K9 companion understand each other, and that you the new owner are confident to work and live with your new friend and protector.

Inboard Training

Inborad Dog Training - South Africa

We offer an option for owner, where they can send their dogs to us for training. We do a variety of different things.

Obedience, Protection, Sports training, tracking, detection, puppy development, behaviour problems.

When you send your dog to us, he or she get treated as one of our own. On collection of your dog, time is spent with the owner to show them how to work with their dogs new training.

Green dogs for sale

Green Dogs

Eternal flame has a selection of green dogs available to purchase. Green dogs in detection, patrol or duel. We mainly have German shepherds, Belgium Malinois, Dutch shepherds and Springer Spaniels. We take great care in developing these dogs for their job intended. We have a variety of different ages of dogs available, from young dogs that only development has been done to green dogs trained in their specific field.

Detection Dogs for sale

Detection Dogs - South Africa

We can provide you with fully trained detection dogs, imprinted on your choice of odor/substance. We believe in training our detection dogs to find the source of the odor, to indicate as close to the oder as possible. We chose dogs with excellent searching abilities and develop them accordingly.

Tracking Dogs for sale

Tracking Dogs

Eternal flame can train you a tracking dogs that suits your purpose. We do a few different types of tracking depending on what you want or the work the dog has to do.

Trialling- Dog finds the person as soon as possible, using any means necessary to find the person. Tactical tracking- Dog follows the spoor intensely and indicates articles on the way that has the same scent as the person he is tracking. This type is usually used to gather evidence as well as to find the person. With this type of tracking human scent discrimination can also be taught. Sports tracking- Dog follows the spoor, foot step by foot step. Also indicated articles left by the track layer.

Patrol Dogs for sale

Patrol Dogs Training - South Africa

We have a selection of dogs suitable for patrol or protection purposes. Breeds include German Shepherd, Malinois and Dutch shepherd. At Eternal Flame we believe in dogs with strong nerves that loves to do their job. We build our patrol dogs up to be able to fight independently and protect his/her handler to the fullest. Our dogs have full, hard grips and get taught from a young age to handle all sorts of pressure through defence.

We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa - Working dogs, personal protection, detection, tracking, protection, green dogs, anti- poaching and even sports dogs